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 Rock Band 2 Info

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PostSubject: Rock Band 2 Info   Wed Jul 16, 2008 6:59 pm

Hey everyone, this time I have information about Rock Band 2 for the Xbox 360.

Ok, so, I will start with the features in the game.

General Features

-Local and global online modes to connect the entire Rock Band community

-World Tour mode, now online, simplifies the best of gameplay from the original Rock Band by fusing Solo Tour and Band World Tour modes and cranks it up a notch with an all new collection of opportunity gigs, challenges, cities, venues and hirable staff

-Tour Challenges that offer rockers a chance to play through mini-campaigns focused on the best songs by instrument, decade, genre, artist, album and more

-Battle of the Bands mode challenges players to go head to head against other bands in constantly refreshed contests* created by Harmonix (*internet connection required)

-Quickplay makes it easier than ever to get in and jam without hassle while allowing for new prefab characters or customized characters that can play on any instrument plus lets you make your own set lists and organize your song lists in a variety of categories (genre, era, etc.)

-Customizable Set Lists keep the music rolling and your band rocking in Quickplay mode

-Drum Trainer mode gives players the fundamentals of different beats and fills, translating gameplay into real drumming skills

-Character Creator completes your look with all new choices in clothing, accessories, tattoos, hairstyles, instruments and more to keep your unique rock avatar playing the full rock part

-Backwards compatibility with all Rock Band downloadable music content released to date

-Disc Export Feature gives owners of the original Rock Band the ability to export most of the Rock Band disc tracks and upgrade them into Rock Band 2 gameplay.

-The Rock Band 2 soundtrack will feature over 100 songs - with over 80 songs on disc plus an additional 20 bonus tracks which will be made available for free download this fall

-Unrivaled Blend of Classic, Developing and Emerging rock acts including Pearl Jam, Metallica, Allman Brothers, Motorhead, Devo, Jane's Addiction, Megadeth, Paramore, Modest Mouse and more.

-Rock Band 2 is the first and only video game to feature the music of AC/DC. It includes their epic rock anthem, "Let There Be Rock”

-After 14 years since Guns N’ Roses last official music release, Axl Rose selects Rock Band 2 to debut official new track, “Shackler’s Revenge” from the highly-anticipated album Chinese Democracy

-For the first time ever, music from American music icon, Bob Dylan, is featured in a video game with “Tangled Up In Blue”

-With ongoing weekly DLC releases including individual tracks, track packs and full albums, the Rock Band music library will feature more than 500 songs through 2008!

-Info taken from IGN.com.

OK, so, now I can talk about the new Hardware.

I'll start with the guitar. The new guitar is wireless. It has a mic built into it, so you just put your guitar next to your TV speaker, and it will automatically calibrate lag. If you do not feel like doing this, you can still calibrate lag using the same calibration settings as Rock Band 1. The new guitar has a new look, and I will post pictures once I get some. The new strum bar is sturdier, and the buttons dont click as loud when you press them.

Now, the Drums. The new drum set is wireless. With the exception of the Bass pedal. The new drum set isn't that much different. Now, the drum heads are more quieter, and they are velocity sensitive, which means that the harder you hit them, the louder the drums will be in the game. Another new thing about the drums are Cymbals. You can now purchase cymbals(I don't think they come in the Special Edition box, and they are optional) seperately and attach them to the drums. Last about the drums is the bass pedal. It is made with metal, so you don't have to worry about breaking it.

There's nothing new about the microphone, so, I won't talk about it.

You can buy the game(only the disc) in September on Xbox 360, and the Special Edition for the 360 comes out on October 19th, along with the PS3 version(both, SE and disc only), and Wii owners, sorry, but the game isn't available until November.

Well, that's all I have to say, I will post pictures of the instruments when I get some.
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PostSubject: Re: Rock Band 2 Info   Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:51 pm

Nice, i didnt read any of that, but it looks good!


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Rock Band 2 Info
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